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About Us.

About Us.

iTOTEM models, gathers and processes firsthand local information from the people who live and experience it….the vendors, entrepreneurs, the underrepresented voices, politicians, community leaders, residents and workers. 


We collect the hard-to-get information to give ExxonMobil real-world data supporting connection with local partners.

Our service is validated information that builds trust and meets local standards on the ground, all of which are aligned with the OIMS and ESG frameworks, de-risking projects and extending ExxonMobil’s global brands. 


Serving Others.

We uniquely collect and transform technical information into hyper local consumable content connecting an organization’s projects with people and purpose. We’re an Indigenous-affiliated data science, and communications firm based in Houston, Texas and Vancouver, B.C.   

Our Shared Interests

Integrated Data Sciences and Communications within Economic Development Planning

Socioeconomic and Local Content Services Offered

Local Content

Local Content Impact Categorization & Mapping 

Identifying and classifying the effects of local content by geography, vendor/program category, ethnicity, gender and climate.

Local Content Prediction & Optimization Accounting

Accounting and measuring efforts to maximize local content and predicting potential gaps. 

Local Content Reporting 

Regular updates on local content initiatives and their outcomes.

Community Impact Dashboards

Visualizing the benefits and impacts of projects on local communities.

Vendor/Partner Profiles & Impact Summaries

Detailed reports on vendors or partners, highlighting their contributions.

Orientation Toolkits & Supplier Development

Providing resources to help suppliers and community partners to align with local content goals.


Industry & ESG Performance Accounting

Tracking performance in line with industry standards and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and modeling equivalencies across frameworks.

Social Progress Modeling

Based on capital allocation, predicting the future benefits to the economy and society that could reduce inequality.   

Data Science Challenges

Wrangling data from diverse sources, processing and generating insights for performance improvement in cost, schedule, quality, risk management.

Partner Engagement

Tailored Surveys

Customized questionnaires to gather specific insights from partners – all of which are tagged by location, group, and program area.

Partner Performance Evaluation

Analyzing the effectiveness of partners in contributing to local content, cultural values or climate objectives.

Interviews for Value Creation with Underrepresented Groups

Conducting discussions to understand value creation among marginalized communities.

Simplified Field Reports

Simplifying complex field reports for better understanding.

Simplified Field Data Collection

Geotagging meeting attendees, issues discussed and pictures gathered from field engagements

Granting Support

Assisting partners in applying for government funds to support local involvement.

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Our Work.

A Local Portfolo

Our Alignment with ExxonMobil Priorities

Economic Development

Project: Rio Grande LNG Local Content Reporting

Client: NextDecade, 2024
Description: NextDecade began construction of the 27MTPA Rio Grande Valley LNG (RGLNG) facility in Brownsville, Texas in July 2023.  The RGLNG project includes a Local Content program.
iTOTEM Role: RGLNG Local Content program details the employment and economic benefits to the residents of the Rio Grande Valley and Texas. iTOTEM has been engaged to manage the program namely, supporting RGLNG Contractors by:

  • Providing simple to use RGLNG Local Content data collection forms 

  • Outlining all definitions, a list of information requirements and reporting time periods

  • Notifying when reports are required

  • Addressing any quality assurance issues

  • Maintaining a log of a Contractor’s local content files.

Economic Development

Project: Scope Three Reporting

Client: South Post Oak Recycling, 2023
Description: Established in 1994, South Post Oak Recycling Center (SPORC) is a Houston, Texas based metal recycler.  SPORC is committed to support the sustainability goals of its clients and the community.
iTOTEM Role:  iTOTEM developed a summary of SPORC contributions to reduce Scope 3 emissions.  This is an example of Supplier Development and a potential partner engagement opportunity. 


Project: FortisBC Capital Projects Indigenous and Local Content Program

Client: FortisBC, 2024
Description: FortisBC distributes natural gas and electricity to 1.2 million customers in 135 British Columbian communities and 58 First Nations communities.  As part of its annual capital investments, FortisBC delivers an Indigenous and Local Content program .
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM has been engaged to manage the program namely, supporting Contractors by:

  • Providing simple to use FortisBC Local Content data collection forms 

  • Outlining all definitions, a list of information requirements and reporting time periods

  • Notifying when reports are required

  • Addressing any quality assurance issues

  • Maintaining a log of a Contractor’s local content files


Project: Our Communities Care

Client: Canadian Association Petroleum Producers, 2022
Description: Our Communities Care (OCC) was a ten-month study conducted through December 2021 to September 2022.  Aligned with the best practices in Indigenous and local content reporting, as expressed by the ambitions of the ‘Mining Shared Value - Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism’ and the ‘National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada’, CAPP member companies provided iTOTEM with all B.C.-based procurement transactions between 2018-2021. Goods, materials, and services purchased from B.C.-based businesses working in the upstream operations of the B.C. natural gas and oil sector were included. The study's findings captured 100% of the annual B.C. upstream capital and operating budgets of CAPP members participating in OCC, which represented roughly 90% of natural gas production in the province at the time. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM designed the model, led the data collection, processing and QA and engaged member companies. This was the most detailed analysis of Indigenous and diverse supply chain participation to date. 


Project: Categorization of Community-based Partners

Client: iTOTEM 2024
Description: By using data from ~5000 community-based organizations from across North America from iTOTEM's  past projects as a foundation, we've organized these into several community investment categories. We assign each category a unique numeric identifier—a process called vectorization. For new organizations, machine learning helps us transform their names into these numeric values. iTOTEM then use various data science techniques and the prediction of the trained model to identify if a new organization fits into one of our existing community investment categories.


Project: Explore our Economy

Client: Association of Mineral Exploration, 2022
Description: Explore our Economy (EOE) engaged more 80 small and mid-size mineral exploration companies to determine Indigenous-affiliated participation and local benefits.  
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM designed the model, led the data collection, processing and QA and engaged member companies.


Land Use & Resettlement

Project: Nechako Watershed and Water Engagement Initiative Community Video

Client: Rio Tinto, 2023
Description: Developed to reach people of all ages and knowledge-levels, a short video to explain the basic operations of the Nechako reservoir in Northwest B.C. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM focused on building a clear and accurate data model, gathering and checking facts and content creation addressing sensitive cultural issues such as reparation of historical grievances.  We also created straightforward content explaining how things like rainfall, snow levels, and real-time and historical data are factored considering impacts on dam safety, flooding, erosion and fish and wildlife and habitat and the energy needed to power the Rio Tinto BC Works’ smelter.  

Land Use & Resettlement

Project: A community poster illustrating the values of the Nechako Watershed Management program.

Client: Rio Tinto, 2023
Description: A poster showing the benefits of a natural hydrograph to numerous social, cultural, heritage, biodiversity and climate values.
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM developed a data model and the creative framework to communicate the significance of mimicking a natural hydrograph within the context of the Nechako Reservoir operations. iTOTEM gathered information from First Nations and stakeholders on values such as protection of rearing habitat, juvenile survival, grazing, recreation and the preservation of heritage sites within the scope of the Nechako Reservoir Management program. 


Community Relations

Project: Natural Resource Trust Index

Client: iTOTEM, 2024
Description: The Natural Resource Trust Index (NRTI) aimed to gauge, and benchmark trust within British Columbia's natural resource sector in 2024. 26 different organization types from five Provinces and Territories were represented by ~380 survey participants. 15% of participation was Indigenous. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM developed NRTI to align with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Guidelines on Measuring Trust. In calculating trust in the Natural Resource sector, the NRTI weighted the following attributes against the survey questions: Cohesive commitment - Ethical conduct - Inclusivity - Reliability - Responsiveness - Transparency.  Indigenous peoples and stakeholders were consulted ensuring that the Trust attributes selected were inclusive and reflect the concerns and values of all parties. Survey questions were then categorized into five dimensions:

  • Leadership

  • Shared value creation and community progress

  • Indigenous participation and economic reconciliation 

  • Government collaboration

  • Climate and resiliency

Community Relations

Project: Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association Annual Industry Outlook 2024

Client: Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association, 2024

Description: The Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is spearheading an industry outlook project through a nationwide survey of Industry, not-for-profits, academia and community to be completed by June 2024.  The survey aims to gather valuable data on industry engagement, operational regions, market prospects, and existing challenges. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM is leading the project from data model design to processing to insight generation to branding. Through its social media channels, iTOTEM is promoting the project as a unique opportunity to contribute to the narrative that will steer the country’s hydrogen and fuel cell advancements. 

Project: Community Investment Awareness Survey

Client: Rio Tinto, 2023
Description: Rio Tinto BC Works contributes approximately $2M annually to support community-based organizations and causes in Northwest B.C.
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM created a survey to collect grassroots feedback from residents and service organizations to gauge awareness about BC Works’ local contributions.  Additionally, information was gathered on preferred investments. iTOTEM was responsible to categorize investment type and to track participation rates based on location.


Community Health, Safety & Security

Project: Biochemical Reactors Field Summary (2023)
Description: A client wished to update local First Nations’ Land Use 
departments about the use of Biochemical Reactors (BCR) to remove nitrates and selenium from Mining Impacted Water. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM developed a two-page hand out to describe in plain language the BCR system improvements and non-routine events.

Community Health, Safety & Security

Indigenous Peoples

Project: Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada Indigenous Tourism Fund – Micro Small Business Stream

Client: Indigenous Association of Canada, 2023-2025
Description: The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments, and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada. ITAC is administering the $10M 2023 - 2025 Indigenous Tourism Fund – Micro Small Business Stream.
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM is responsible to fulfill reporting requirements of the Indigenous Tourism Fund – Micro Small Business Stream Contribution Agreement. This includes:  

  • Receive relevant information from applicant businesses

  • Allow access to representative organizations from provinces and territories

  • Align with The Original Original accreditation program

  • Aggregate and report key data points collected from the campaign to a dashboard and final report

Indigenous Peoples

Project: Seven Generations Value Creation

Client: Mining Association of B.C., 2023
Description: The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) launched its inaugural research project titled, “Seven Generations Value Creation: Measuring Economic Reconciliation in B.C.'s Mining and Smelting Industry” (SGVC) in June 2022.   The SGVC study examined the evolving best practices and practical examples of shared value  creation arising from partnerships between Indigenous peoples and the B.C. mining and smelting (MS) industry.   
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM created the SGVC framework to comply with the First Nations Principles of OCAP™ (ownership, control, access, and possession), which guides First Nations data and information governance.  To assess economic reconciliation arising in the mining sector, iTOTEM integrated two surveys.

Survey One: A Shared Value Creation Analysis.

  • Eight Indigenous Nations / Communities on behalf of 15 Nations   and twelve MABC members responded to the Value Creation Analysis survey between September 2022 – April 2023. 

Survey Two: A Supply Chain and Community Investment Analysis based on 2021 Expenditures of participating MABC members.

  • Ten MABC members responded to the Supply Chain and Community Investment Analysis of 2021 Expenditures survey between September 2022 – April 2023. 

  • The 2021 Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) filings were also examined.

  • The National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada (NIES), released in 2022, was used to provide a framework to measure economic reconciliation progress.  Specifically, to assess shared value creation, the SGVC data model integrated the NIES’ four strategic pathways (People, Lands, Infrastructure and Finance), and the associated 107 Calls for Economic Prosperity. 

  • The results of SGVC were then aggregated and compared against the ‘targets’ expressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and the ‘articles’ in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA).


Cultural Heritage

Project: From Conflict to Partnership – The New Day Agreement, the Reconciliation Journey of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation and Rio Tinto Aluminium

Client: Rio Tinto, 2023
Description: In 1952, members of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation (Cheslatta) were forcibly evicted from their homes and resettled outside their Traditional Territory in northwest British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, with just two weeks’ notice. As the Aluminium Company of Canada (Alcan) built the Kenney Dam on the Nechako River forming the Nechako Reservoir, Cheslatta lands, villages, and spiritual sites were flooded. The Nechako reservoir would supply water to the Kemano Generating Station, which would power Alcan’s smelting operations in Kitimat, B.C. Rio Tinto acquired Alcan, the smelter and Kemano in 2007; these operations today are known as BC Works. This paper, co-authored by Cheslatta and Rio Tinto, describes the reconciliation journey from bitter conflict to successful partnership, and discusses the factors which made the journey possible.
iTOTEM Role: Our team engaged with key representatives from Cheslatta Carrier Nation and Rio Tinto through interviews, curated essential historical data from Archives, and spearheaded the writing of the ‘From Conflict to Partnership: the Reconciliation Journey of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation and Rio Tinto Aluminium’ submission to the World Mining Congress (WMC). The partnership was selected to present as part of the WMC Social Performance & Governance stream June 21 to July 6, 2023.

Cultural Heritage

Project: Invest in our Future Government of Canada Update

Client: Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, 2022
Description: The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments, and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada.  ITAC has Contribution Agreements with the Government of Canada and is responsible to fulfill compliance reporting requirements.
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM engaged Indigenous tourism operators to determine the infrastructure and fiscal supports necessary to support sector recovery post-Covid.

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