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What We Do Best

iTOTEM models, gathers and processes first hand local information from the people who live and experience it….the vendors, entrepreneurs, the underrepresented voices, politicians, community leaders, residents and workers. 

iTOTEM collects the hard-to-get information to give ExxonMobil real-world data supporting connection with local partners.  

Our service is validated information that builds trust and meets local standards on the ground, all of which are aligned with the OIMS and ESG frameworks, de-risking projects and extending ExxonMobil’s global brands. 

iTOTEM Socio-Economic and Local Content Products and Services

  • Local Content Impact Mapping, Categorization and Optimization Accounting - Identifying and classifying the effects of local content by geography, vendor/program category, ethnicity, gender and climate. Additionally, accounting and measuring efforts to maximize local content and predicting potential gaps. 


  • Local Content Reporting (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) - Regular updates on local content initiatives and their outcomes.

  • Community Impact Dashboards - Visualizing the benefits and impacts of projects on local communities.

  • Industry & ESG Performance Accounting - Tracking performance in line with industry standards and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and modeling equivalencies across frameworks.

  • Social Progress Modeling - Based on capital allocation/major project, predicting the future benefits to the economy and society that could reduce inequality.   

  • Orientation Toolkits - Providing resources to help suppliers and community partners to align with local content goals.

  • Tailored Surveys - Customized questionnaires to gather specific insights from partners – all of which are hyper tagged by location, group, and program area.

  • Partner Performance Evaluation - Analyzing the effectiveness of partners in contributing to local content, cultural values or climate objectives.


  • Vendor/Partner Profiles and Impact Summaries - Detailed reports on vendors or partners, highlighting their contributions.


  • Interviews for Value Creation with Underrepresented Groups - Conducting discussions to understand value creation among marginalized communities.


  • Simplified Field Reports - Simplifying complex field reports for better understanding.


  • Simplified Field Data Collection - Geotagging meeting attendees, issues discussed and pictures from field engagements


  • Support for Government Funding Applications - Assisting partners in applying for government funds to support local involvement.

    Modeling Challenges – Wrangling data from diverse sources, processing and generating insights for performance improvement in cost, schedule, quality, risk management.

iTOTEM’s Integrated Data Science and Communications Activities

Modelling and Framework Alignment
Data Collection
Cleaning & QA
Validation with Partners 
Insights, BI and Prediction
Mapping & Visualization 
Content Creatio

Our Alignment with ExxonMobil Priorities

Land Use & Resettlement

Project: Nechako Watershed and Water Engagement Initiative Community Video (Rio Tinto, 2023)
Description: Developed to reach people of all ages and knowledge-levels, a short video to explain the basic operations of the Nechako reservoir in Northwest BC. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM focused on building a clear and accurate data model, gathering and checking facts and content creation addressing sensitive cultural issues such as reparation of historical grievances.  We also created straightforward content explaining how things like rainfall, snow levels, and real-time and historical data are factored considering impacts on dam safety, flooding, erosion and fish and wildlife and habitat and the energy needed to power the Rio Tinto smelter.  

✔ Modeling & Framework Alignment. ✔ Collection Cleaning & QA. ✔ Validation with Partners. ✔ Creative Content.

Land Use Resettlement Hydrograph

Project: A community poster illustrating the values of the Nechako Watershed Management program.  (Rio Tinto, 2023)
Description: A poster showing the benefits of a natural hydrograph to numerous social, cultural, heritage, biodiversity and climate values.
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM developed a data model and creative framework to communicate the significance of the Natural Hydrograph within the context of the Nechako Reservoir operations. iTOTEM gathered information from First Nations and stakeholders on values such as protection of rearing habitat, juvenile survival, grazing, recreation and the preservation of heritage sites within the scope of the Nechako Reservoir Management program. 

✔ Modeling & Framework Alignment. ✔ Collection Cleaning & QA. ✔ Validation with Partners. ✔ Creative Content.

Community Relations

Project: Natural Resource Trust Index ( iTOTEM, 2024)
Description: The Natural Resource Trust Index (NRTI) aimed to gauge, and benchmark trust within British Columbia's natural resource sector in 2024.  26 different organization types from five Provinces and Territories were represented by ~380 survey participants. 15% of participation was Indigenous. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM developed NRTI to align with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Guidelines on Measuring Trust. In calculating trust in the Natural Resource sector, the NRTI weighted the following attributes against the survey questions: Cohesive commitment - Ethical conduct - Inclusivity - Reliability - Responsiveness - Transparency.  Indigenous peoples and stakeholders were consulted ensuring that the Trust attributes selected were inclusive and reflect the concerns and values of all parties. Survey questions were then categorized into five dimensions:
•    Leadership 
•    Shared value creation and community progress
•    Indigenous participation and economic reconciliation 
•    Government collaboration
•    Climate and resiliency

✔ Modeling & Framework Alignment. ✔ Collection Cleaning & QA. ✔ Insights, BI and Prediction. ✔ Mapping & Visualization.

✔ Validation with Partners. ✔ Creative Content.

Project: Canadian Hydrogen Industry Sector Outlook 2024  (2024, Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association Annual Industry Outlook)
Description:  The Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is spearheading an industry outlook project through a nationwide survey of Industry, not-for-profits, academia and community to be completed by June 2024. The survey aims to gather valuable data on industry engagement, operational regions, market prospects, and existing challenges. 
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM is leading the project from data model design to processing to insight generation to branding. Through its social media channels, iTOTEM is promoting the project as a unique opportunity to contribute to the narrative that will steer the country’s hydrogen and fuel cell advancements. 

✔ Modeling & Framework Alignment. ✔ Collection Cleaning & QA. ✔ Insights, BI and Prediction. ✔ Mapping & Visualization.

✔ Validation with Partners. ✔ Creative Content.

Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Project: Review of the 2021 Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) filings  (Mining Association of British Columbia, 2022).
Description: The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) requires entities to disclose certain types of payments made to governments in Canada and abroad. The Government of Canada provides a public database containing all reported payments made under ESTMA, as required for entities engaged in the commercial development of oil, gas or minerals with operations in Canada. Payments to payees must be reported if the total amount paid to the same payee in a financial year exceeds $100,000.  
iTOTEM Role: iTOTEM reviewed ~$90M in payments made by Canadian mineral exploration and mining corporation to 19 Indigenous Nations over a three-year period.

✔ Validation with Partners. ✔ Insights, BI and Prediction.

✔ Mapping & Visualization.

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